Bench boards

Bench boards 28×45/90/120/140mm. A grade
• Suitable for constructing sauna benches.
• Available lengths 1.8; 2.1; 2,4; 2.7; 3.0 meters. Other lengths on request.
• Thickness 28mm is best in heavy duty conditions and is more durable compared to
thinner boards.
• 3 sides knot-free. Alder has some natural color variations in it.
• Soft rounded edges
• Thermo treated aspen and alder provide interesting color contrasts and are better in
keeping dimensional stability.
• Recommended to apply special water-based sauna laquer.
• Packed 4 boards in a plastic film.


DimensionAlderAspenThermo treated aspenThermo treated alder
28×45On request
28×90On request
28×120On request
28×140On request

Massive thermo alder and white aspen

Extra wide and thick boards catch attention.
Thermo treatment increases the dimensional stability of the wood.
Thicker material needs less supporting.

DimensionThermo treated alderWhite aspen